When we see the shift in the guardianship of the worlds’ greatest empires from the United States to India or China, we see history repeating itself as it has written history so many times in human endeavours. When Great Britain was the world’s largest country, it wasn’t much more than 200 years ago. They kept the Great in their name but afterwards the United States obviously took the option. Next, it seems that we will move the torch again due to our own follies and lake of forwarding progression and in doing so take our place as a footnote on the page in the annals of human history.

As we move on, we are on the pinnacle of the handoff, which is obviously an option that drowned our nation in bureaucracy, legislation, and contempt for reform, creativity, or progress; we see a gap in cultures that is indeed vast. It’s clear that Western Civilization has its benefits, whether or not we take advantage of them. For anyone who studies culture, it is equally obvious that Eastern Culture has its own advantages. Some of those benefits are in dispute, while much is identical. What one will be better?

Can we conclude that because Eastern Culture is next to bat with loaded bases, Eastern lifestyle is more rewarding than a Western lifestyle? We in the US know from our own short 200-year experience that western worlds; capitalism and western society lift people up, who put in. We have seen in modern history how Socialism and Communism in debt and inefficiency have continued to drive people down and run societies down.

Even all they have selected for much of human history and government institutions share a lot of things. Both of these examples and all of the combinations of one or both appear to include citizens of the ruling class who are driven by such things as humans are motivated by, similar to those they control, who are driven by certain things equally.

So when we ask which is better; one system of government or one culture over another, it seems like one would possibly argue on both sides of the argument, or be correct, no matter which side they go with. And yes, in such intellectual thinking, we seem to be the same genes and all of one in that sense. The only difference between you American neighbour and one of Asian Descent is potentially not more than 3000-4000 years and definitely not more than 10,000 to 15,000 years.

We all have similar needs to satisfy ourselves, and while preconditioned to assume that one culture is better than the other, is it more nourishment than nature? Have you thought about this yet? Next time someone would say it’s us against them because that’s more comparable to really punching yourself in the eye? We all belong to a fairly prosperous group whose future is very bright if we dump this self-centred mentality, and that goes on both sides.

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