The 5 best things about western culture

Every time you read the newspaper or see the news on TV, you’ll hear or read the West mentioned; a few years back in terms of a military operation, now about economic programs or problems. However, there’s much more to it than just an economic or political bloc. The word ‘the West’ reflects the modern age of western civilization or culture.

Here are the five best things about the western culture that’s often neglected by the mainstream media:

1 Rational Thinking

The greatest gift to the western culture given by the Greeks is the influence of rational thinking in the world today. Greeks were famous for their intellectual revolution, by questioning the meaning of existence and using their minds to find out these questions. Thereafter, many ideas blossomed, such as governance, literature, art, history, and politics. Influencing every aspect of society, this rational revolution was then adopted by the early sociologists of the modern age, like Max Weber, as they began to use reasoning in their queries, instead of relying on the unseen. But this power of rationality in the modern mind has now reached the stage that Greeks could have ever imagined.

2 Modern Science

With the advent of rationality, a scientific approach towards the material world was born. The pioneer of science was the strengthened ideas of mathematics, architecture, astronomy, and anatomy put forward by the Greeks. However, western culture has lifted science beyond this world. In the lights of Bacon, Galileo, Newton, and B. Franklin, the scientific revolution of the 17th century established natural science in exploring space, time, and nature through scientific methods, mathematics, and reasoning.

3 Human Rights

Though human rights weren’t the concept developed by the western culture; but western culture has incorporated the various concepts of human rights taken from the non-western societies into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. However, there’s still a lot to cover by the West in protecting human rights, not only in the eastern world but also within their domains.

4 Democracy

The concept of the government elected by the people was also rooted back in Athens, which was later adopted by the political thinkers of the 17th century. Earlier, politics long ruled human rights, with power lying into the hands of certain individuals, either calling themselves God or His representative. But with the introduction of popular suffrage, rule-of-law, and separation of powers with checks and balances, the western culture’s democratic model of politics now dominates the world. According to them, modern democracy is arguably the representative of the notion by liberal western societies in building a bridge between human rights and politics.

5 Education

The fifth best thing is the promotion and easy access to education in modern western culture. By incorporating science and technology into the educational institutes, western civilization is set to continue its progress in science by teaching its younger generation in a controlled and standardized environment.

Arguably, few societal issues are arising from the high-school culture of education, and steps must be taken to wear off any negative impacts on the vulnerable students present in the high-school culture. Overall, the west is educated and aware of science & technology, and have a political understanding, all thanks to the strong educational system of western civilization.

Wrapping up!

Though the western culture has many issues to deal with that are raised by the application of the western model. Yet, there are many fruits that the world has enjoyed, cherished, and adopted (to a significant extent) into their educational, ideological, and political systems.

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