The 5 worst things about western culture

Western culture or western civilization is a term broadly used to talk about a heritage of ethical values, social norms, traditional customs, ideology and political system, and specific arts and technology that originated or is associated with Europe. The term now applies to the countries whose past is strongly influenced by European immigration and colonialism.

Although no culture in the world is good or bad, it’s our perception about how we see things. However, here are the five worst things about the western culture that the west must do some changes to avoid:

1 The fall of the family system:

The first worst thing about western culture is the fall of the family system in the west. The family system is an important element of society. It functions as a first and primary institution for learning moral values, according to Carle Zimmerman (a sociologist at Harvard). However, according to a survey, the rate of divorce in the west is almost 40% more than that in India.

Furthermore, in American households, the married couple was only 48% in 2010, while dropping from 78% in 1950. Some people argue that it is a sign of self-independence, while sociologists see it as a major issue for any society.

2 The rise of drug culture in teens

Modern western culture highlighted material and individuals to an extent that now, it has become a cultural fraud. The promotion of unreal ideals and perfect images of life weakened the well-being of the individuals, which resulted in an addiction to drug use and substance abuse in the new generation.

As per the 2015 world drug report, drug-addicted teenagers in western countries were found prominent with a massive margin. This is an alarming issue for western civilization as it not only corrupts the young generation but also results in an increased amount of depression and other mental illnesses.

3 Depression

Depression, a leading cause of disability, is far more dominant in the west than in the rest of the world. The modern health epidemic is the effect of constant social pressures due to the bombardment of unreal emotions and fake happiness presented in young minds through social media, billboards, movies, and advertisements. It could be true that depression has no relationship to any culture. Yet, it’s readily diagnosed in western culture and a major cause of the social dilemma. 

4 Cultural imperialism

Cultural imperialism, also called cultural colonialism, is the development of an unequal relationship between civilizations. The politically powerful civilization forcing its cultural values over less powerful societies. This modern type of imperialism doesn’t expand its territory; but it replaces the local culture by stating it backward and oppressed. It preys on the psychological weaknesses of the vulnerable Third World societies.

 5 Blurred moral values

The modern western culture has minimized moral and ethical values. With the media using charismatic characters in the movies, people try to adopt these habits to be like a movie character, which isn’t close to reality. For example, in every movie, you’ll see the prominent characters are majorly aiming for materialistic goals, and doing being involved in unethical activities of drugs and sex. This hits the young mind on the subconscious level of the mind, adopting and normalizing such immoral activities that could be seen prominently in western societies.

Wrapping up!

As in the words of Ayn Rand, a Russian-American Novelist, every aspect of western culture needs a new code of ethics.

Culture is a widening of the mind and the spirit of the society; however, certain negative elements need to be addressed in every civilization, and western culture isn’t an exception. The world has benefited a lot because of western civilization. But, there’re many other aspects in the western culture that need to be solved for the betterment of the global society as a whole.

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